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Switch Options

SWITCH OPTIONS: Switch to SENITEC for Your Toughest Applications

Switch Options: Switch to SENITEC for Your Toughest Applications

Senitec Switch Modules
We are ready for you with all the popular switch configurations, including mechanical, inductive, and proximity. Our popular 10 amp SPDT and 2 amp DPDT mechanical switches are enclosed and mounted on a PCB board with no exposed wiring. Our hermetically-sealed proximity switches provide the utmost protection from moisture, shock, and corrosive environments for long life, accuracy, and reliability. We also offer 100 ma and gold-plated switches for low power and intrinsically safe applications.
New to our switch line is our SHADOW AS-i inductive switch, which is fully compliant with version 2.1 of the AS-Interface specification. All switch enclosures include terminal strips for easy wire termination.